| Friday, October 6, 2017 |
Global event

Fully-Funded MA Programs in China!

12:30 PM
Miranda Zuo, who graduated in 2011, will be on campus to talk about Yenching Academy, which offers full-funded MA programs for highly qualified students from around the world. She has been working at Yenching Academy since July 2015. She'll do an information session presentation in Weeks from 12:30-1:30 on Friday, October 6. Take advantage of this informational opportunity!
See full information below:
The Yenching Academy of Peking University is a multidisciplinary Master's program in China Studies within China's top university, taught primarily in English. It draws students from more than 40 different countries each year, and offers a 12 month full fellowship which may be extended for a second year in Beijing. Scholars complete a highly customizable academic program, and write and defend master's theses in their areas of interest. Each scholar works closely with a Peking University faculty advisor to complete the thesis. Scholars are actively engaged in Peking University campus life, and encouraged to become involved in the wider community. The Academy supports their efforts to launch new initiatives and develop leadership skills. On October 6, Beloit alumna Miranda Zuo, Senior Manager of Admissions at the Yenching Academy, will introduce the program to prospective applicants. The application deadline for the 2018 Cohort is December 11, 2017.
Please note that this info. session is targeted to International, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan applicants. Mainland Chinese passport holders are admitted through a separate application process, and according to the Chinese Ministry of Education's regulations, must qualify for exemption from China's Graduate Entrance Examination based on their universities' recommendations. Chinese students earning their degrees at Beloit are therefore not eligible to apply, but are welcome to attend this event.