| Wednesday, March 27, 2019 |
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Advising Week for Fall Registration

12:00 AM
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Chase Bank Tabling

11:30 AM
Chase Bank is looking for full-time, upcoming college grads to fill positions within the Mortgage and Home Equity Sales Department. They will be tabling in Pearsons, Front Desk on Wednesday, March 27th 11:30 - 1:30 PM. Come and talk to recruiter Brandy Clay, or email !
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Faculty Forum

12:30 PM
2019 Ginsberg Family Visiting Artist in Residence Faisal Abdu'Allah will give a gallery talk on his exhibition in the North Gallery. The exhibition engages objects from the Logan Museum of Anthropology in collaboration with George Williams' class ART 325: Graphic Design.
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Chairs Meeting

4:00 PM
Chairs Meeting
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Women's Lacrosse vs Marian University

6:00 PM
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Solving Problem As A Startup

7:00 PM

Entrepreneurs are ones that look at problems and they see a solution, then they build a business out of it. Come to CELEB to listen to how Mike Bess make a business out of his environmental sustainability and green energy interests as he pinpoints the pivotal points when it comes to solving problems as a startup

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Lecture by Erik Prince

7:30 PM
Erik Prince is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, military veteran and private equity investor with business interests in Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America in the fields of logistics, aviation services, manufacturing, natural resources development and energy. Mr. Prince is the founder of Blackwater, a global private security company, which he sold in 2010 after successfully growing the company over the course of more than a decade into the premier provider of global security and logistics solutions to the United States Government and others. Mr. Prince will address private sector contributions to national security.

This event is sponsored by Young Americans for Freedom at Beloit College, a student's organization dedicated to advancing the cause of conservatism on campuses across the nation since 1960.
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Ginsberg Family Visiting Artist in Residence- Faisal Abdu'Allah

8:00 PM

The art of Abdu'Allah and his contemporaries in the early 1980s can be evaluated in a manner that fills an important void within available scholarship on the subject of contemporary art in relation to Afro-British culture. What began as an artistic gesture in the 1980s more fully materialised in the early twenty-first century as a complete conceptual approach that questioned issues of race and identity in relation to issues of cultural diversity and multiculturalism. Abdu'Allah's work broke away from the British artistic establishment and the rules of institutional representation, particularly insofar as he began selecting his subjects from émigré utopia, Afro-British social consciousness, Muslim identity, and working-class life. He also integrated other views of London, portraying it as a city of dislocated communities that were powerless in the existing world of art.

Excerpt from 'The Art of Dislocation' by Professor Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz,
Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town.